Bloodstone Gemstone

What is Bloodstone? Bloodstone is a dark green variety of chalcedony adorned with a splatter of bright red. It has been a popular gemstone for at least two thousand years and has served as the modern birthstone for the month of March since 1912. Bloodstone is sometimes referred to as “heliotrope” by European authors and… Continue reading Bloodstone Gemstone

Birthstones Gemstones

1. January Birthstone: Garnet Garnet Garnet is the birthstone of January. Although many people think of a red gem when they think of garnet, it is actually available in almost every color – green (tsavorite and demantoid), orange (spessartine and hessionite), purple (rhodolite), yellow (mali and topazolite), pink (malaya), red (almandine and pyrope), black (melanite).… Continue reading Birthstones Gemstones

Benitoite Gemstone

What Is Benitoite? Benitoite is an extremely rare mineral that is best known for being the official state gemstone of California. It is a barium titanium silicate mineral, usually blue in color, that is found in rocks that have been altered by hydrothermal metamorphism. Its chemical composition is BaTi(Si3O9). Benitoite’s identification and original description was… Continue reading Benitoite Gemstone

Beryl Gemstone

What is Beryl? Beryl is a relatively rare silicate mineral with a chemical composition of Be3Al2Si6O18. It is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks in many parts of the world. Beryl Gemstone has served as a minor ore of beryllium, and color varieties of the mineral are among the world’s most popular gemstones. Emerald, aquamarine,… Continue reading Beryl Gemstone

Azurmalachite Gemstone

What is Azurmalachite? Azurmalachite is a blue and green gem material composed of two copper carbonate minerals, azurite (Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2) and malachite (Cu2(CO3)(OH)2). The name “azurmalachite” was derived by combining the names of the minerals. The material is also known as “bluebird.” Azurmalachite can be a very attractive material that displays bands, concentric patterns, and irregular… Continue reading Azurmalachite Gemstone

Azurite Gemstone

What is Azurite? Azurite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with a chemical composition of Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2. It is best known for its characteristic deep blue to violet-blue color. The blue color, known as “azure,” is like the deep blue evening skies often seen above deserts and winter landscapes. Azurite is not a common or abundant… Continue reading Azurite Gemstone

Aventurine Gemstone

What is Aventurine? Aventurine is a variety of translucent quartz or quartzite with abundant small plate- or flake-shaped inclusions. Light entering the quartz strikes these inclusions and reflects from them. This produces a sparkly appearance known as “aventurescence.” The inclusions can also impart a distinct, and often beautiful, color to the material. When the inclusions… Continue reading Aventurine Gemstone

Aquamarine Gemstone

What is Aquamarine? Aquamarine is the name used for gem-quality specimens of the mineral beryl within a color range of greenish blue to blue. The name is used regardless of a stone’s tone or saturation. So, aquamarines can range from a very light, almost imperceptible color to stones with a rich vibrant color. Most aquamarine… Continue reading Aquamarine Gemstone

Apatite, Phosphorite and Phosphate Rock

What is Apatite? Apatite is the name of a group of phosphate minerals with similar chemical compositions and physical properties. They are an important constituent of phosphorite, a rock mined for its phosphorus content and used to make fertilizers, acids, and chemicals. Apatite has a relatively consistent hardness and serves as the index mineral for… Continue reading Apatite, Phosphorite and Phosphate Rock

Zoisite and Clinozoisite Gemstone

What are Zoisite and Clinozoisite? Zoisite and clinozoisite are minerals that form during the regional metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. In those environments they are found in massive form and as prismatic crystals in veins that cut schists and marbles. They are also found as crystals in pegmatites that form… Continue reading Zoisite and Clinozoisite Gemstone

Andalusite and Chiastolite Gemstone

What is Andalusite? Andalusite is a rock-forming mineral that is mined for use in high-temperature refractories. Gem-quality specimens are cut into faceted gems and cabochons. Andalusite forms during the regional metamorphism of shale. It is found in schist and gneiss at some present and ancient convergent plate boundaries where the rocks have been exposed to… Continue reading Andalusite and Chiastolite Gemstone

Ammolite Gemstone

What is Ammolite? Gem-quality Ammolite produces a spectacular display of iridescent color when it is observed in reflected light. The colors of an individual stone can run the full range of the visible spectrum or be limited to just one or two colors. The color display can rival fine opal and labradorite in its intensity… Continue reading Ammolite Gemstone

Ametrine Gemstone

What is Ametrine? Most people have never heard of ametrine and are very surprised to see purple and yellow in a single transparent gemstone. Ametrine gemstone is a rare gemstone with a finite supply that is produced in commercial quantities at only one mine in the world. It is a relative newcomer to the gemstone… Continue reading Ametrine Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone

 What is Amethyst? Amethyst Gemstone is the world’s most popular purple gemstone. It is the purple color variety of quartz and has been used in personal adornment for over 2000 years. It is the birthstone of February and an important New Age gem. Amethyst is used to produce faceted stones, cabochons, beads, tumbled stones, and… Continue reading Amethyst Gemstone

Amazonite Gemstone

What is Amazonite? Amazonite is a trade name used for a green to bluish green to greenish blue gem material that is made into cabochons, beads, and tumbled stones. It is a color variety of microcline, a potassium-rich member of the feldspar mineral group. Amazonite has a chemical composition of KAlSi3O8 and its green color… Continue reading Amazonite Gemstone

50+ Beautiful Jewellery Models Collection –

Being a Jewellery models isn’t just about being “good looking” or “pretty.” There are a lot of beautiful people not with face or look because of smile and cuteness in the world. Runway jewellery models should be at least 5’8” as a female and 6’0” as a male. But for Modeling a jewellery, having the… Continue reading 50+ Beautiful Jewellery Models Collection –

How to Measure Bangle Size? Bangle Size Chart provides you the complete information of the products you buying like metal used, size guide and stones etc,..So before purchasing make sure the product is of your size. lets check it out bangle size chart. How to measure bangle size Method – 1 Measure Good Fitting Bangles that You Already Own Take a bangle… Continue reading How to Measure Bangle Size? Bangle Size Chart

Traditional Kerala Palakka Mala Collections

For centuries, gold remained as endless favourite for Indians. When it involves the normal and contemporary occasion like weddings, every bride is handed a valuable piece of heirloom jewellery after or before her wedding. Palakka Mala is that the best example for it! Kerala’s Jewellery culture always tells you stories of innovations. they’re unique a… Continue reading Traditional Kerala Palakka Mala Collections


The word Mangala sutra or Mangalsutra comes from two Sanskrit words, mangala meaning “auspicious” and sutra meaning “thread” -an auspicious thread. Knotted around bride’s neck 3 times at marriage. Three knots states 3 different aspects of a married woman – the first knot represents her obedience and respect to her husband, the second one to his… Continue reading Mangalsutra

List of White Gemstones Guide

White Gemstones Guide

[wpsm_update date=”2020.03.28″ label=”Update”][/wpsm_update] White and colorless gemstones have been used since ancient times and are among the most common colors for gemstones. Unlike any other gemstone color, white and colorless gemstones blend in beautifully with any outfit, skin tone, metal or occasion. These are stylish, classic gemstones that have a touch of sophistication. Diamonds are… Continue reading List of White Gemstones Guide

List of Grey Gemstones Guide

Grey Gemstone Guide

The color grey (or gray) is not commonly associated with jewellery. Grey is an uncommon color in the world of gemstones, with only very few gemstones that are primarily grey in color. However, because of this very rarity in use in jewellery, grey gemstones are actually very intriguing when worn. While they may not jump… Continue reading List of Grey Gemstones Guide

List of Orange Gemstones Guide

Orange Gemstones Guide

Orange is not a very common color in the world of gemstones and is most people’s first choice. Although the list of orange gemstones isn’t exhaustive, there are a range of stunning orange gemstones that offer a unique and eye-catching look when set into jewellery. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, combining the… Continue reading List of Orange Gemstones Guide

List of Purple Gemstones Guide

Purple Gemstones Guide

Although purple has been a color used in jewellery since ancient times, there aren’t many purple gemstones. Compared to other colors such as blue, red and green that have hundreds of gemstone varieties to choose from, the number of purple gemstones is quite small.Purple Gemstones Guide Semi Precious Stones Purple Gemstones Guide Purple is often… Continue reading List of Purple Gemstones Guide

List of Red Gemstones Guide

Red Gemstones Guide

Red is one of the most popular gemstone colors and has been throughout history. Stones such as rubies, garnets and red diamonds have been valued for centuries. Semi Precious Stones What is it about red gemstones that has such an allure? It is an eye-catching color that looks beautiful on almost all skin tones. What’s… Continue reading List of Red Gemstones Guide

List of Yellow Gemstones Guide

Yellow Gemstones Guide

List of Yellow Gemstones guide are experiencing a surge in popularity as more and more people turn towards colored gemstone jewellery. From a color psychology point of view, yellow symbolizes many positive concepts, Jewellery Definitions including freshness, happiness, energy, loyalty and enlightenment. In some cultures, yellow signifies good luck, wealth and health. From a fashion… Continue reading List of Yellow Gemstones Guide

What is black gold?

What Is Black Gold

For a long time, when people said black gold, they were colloquially referring to oil. Now, however, there really is such a thing as black gold in the jewellery industry and it is fast increasing in popularity. lets see more about what is black gold. One reason that black gold is so popular is due… Continue reading What is black gold?

Zircon Stone Guide

Zircon Stone Guide

Zircon is a little-known and often misunderstood stone. While not many people know of this gemstone today, zircon used to be highly valued and coveted throughout history for its natural sparkle and attractive features. It is a beautiful natural gemstone, comparable in many ways to diamonds. lets see more about Zircon Stone Guide. Zircon is… Continue reading Zircon Stone Guide

Nose Rings Guide

Types Of Nose Jewellery

While it is a relatively new practice in the West, the custom of wearing nose rings has been around for thousands of years in places such as the Middle East, India and Africa. In fact, piercing the nose is the second most popular type of body piercing after ear piercings. lets see more about Nose… Continue reading Nose Rings Guide

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Buddhism Jewellery Guide

Buddhism Jewellery Guide

Jewellery has more purpose than to just look pretty when we wear it. True, sometimes we wear jewellery to emphasize our appearance or to highlight something beautiful about us, but every now and then, we like to wear jewellery that revolves around a religion, philosophy or concept that matters to us.Buddhism Jewellery Guide. This is… Continue reading Buddhism Jewellery Guide

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