Chain Designs and Chain Types

Chain Designs And Chain Types
Chain Designs And Chain Types

To help you in understanding chain designs chain types at while purchasing, we have listed the most common types of necklace chain designs that you need to know about. These designs are common on all types of a chain like gold chain design, gold chain models, long chain designs, gold chain designs for mens, here listed maximum types of chain models.

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Chain Designs: A Collection on Chain Models

Ball chain / Bead Chain

A ball or bead chain is made from a series of tiny beads that are linked together in between to create a chain. The balls connected very close together or either with some distance between each bead have small spaces in between them to allow for some movement.

The ball chain models has round beads fixed along a chain, with some distance between each bead or closes together with a small

Best for: To use with pendants, especially dog tag pendants. A bead chain designs is made from ball-shaped links connected with small breaks.

Best for: Suitable with dog tags, which gives a cool and smart look. Ball chains don’t perform well as a stand-alone accessory and look best paired with pendants.


Rope Chain

A rope chain is one of the most beautiful and popular chain types with a pattern of twisted or looped together which looks similar to a rope. This is likely the most popular textural chain style consisting of a number of metal segments.

Twisting pattern of the chain reflects light from different angles which tend to be a more lustrous and shiny look.

It is very durable and heaviest of all chain types and perfects to wear with pendants as they are very strong, whether it is thick or thin. Delicate rope chains are perfect to be worn with a pendant and larger chains are perfect for a statement piece.

Best for: Rope chains designs come in both delicate versions and normal where they are a popular choice for pendant necklaces, and heavier versions is the main attraction among men’s.

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Anchor / Mariner Chain

This unique chain inspired by the nautical marine world. The chain is comprised of oval links, with a horizontal bar across the center so it’s called the Mariner / Anchor chain. Marine links can interlock, like cable chains models, or rest flat, like curb links. This is really a beautiful choice for anyone who is fond of the sea or their astrology sign denotes water.

You can find mariner/anchor chains in a variety of widths. The thicker mariner chains are more popular among men, smaller ones are commonly chosen by women, which more delicate ones.

Best For: Best for persons with sun sign related to water. Also suits a person who loves the sea/ocean/water.

Tips: The mariner chain designs can be worn as a piece of stand-alone jewellery for men’s while smaller widths can be paired with a beautiful pendant for an eye-catching look.


Box Chain

The box chain models is made of square links, rather than ovals and rounds, which are connected together to make a continuous smooth chain giving the chain a ‘boxy’ appearance. Box chains are a very popular form of a necklace chain which is worn by both women and men. Thinner box chains are popular for women’s jewellery and often paired up with pendants. Thicker chains look great for men or by women as statement pieces. Box chains are stronger and don’t easily break.

Best for: Can be used with pendants for a greater look.


Cable Chain

Cable chains derived from old Norman French word stemming, also from the Latin words capulum (lasso, rope) and capere (to take). It looks like most basic types of chains and looks very similar to common iron chains and classic of chain styles, cables are created from the interlocking oval.

Cable chains design are sturdy and not very eye-catching but are perfect when paired with a beautiful pendant. It is easy to fix a broken chain link.

A cable chain is the most common form used for the necklace chain models in jewellery which consists of a series of similar interconnected oval links to form a beautiful chain.

Best for: Can be used with any kinds of pendants for a fabulous look.


Curb Chain

This chain types are a very popular choice, the word “curb” comes from Middle English, originally meaning “a curved piece of wood.” This common chain design is a basic, timeless design, made of a series of interconnected, uniform links and lay flat even interlocked.

The making of curb chains is time-consuming with very little machinery. Nowadays with the invention of modern machinery, it is possible to make it even smaller and more feminine curb chains.

Available models: Flat, smaller, diamond cut, twisted and chunky curb chains.

Chunky curb chains are used to make trendy urban designs which interlock even while laid flat. Curb chains have been a top choice when it comes to necklace chains, because of its heavy, with a masculine touch and are especially popular among men. Smaller, thinner curb chains are feminine and delicate, pairing well with pendants.

Figaro Chain

Originating in Italy, Figaro chains consist of an alternating pattern of flattened links in different sizes followed by either two or three shorter links. A Figaro chain is a modified and popular version of the curb chain and fancier than cable chains. Italian chain makers were inspired from famous operas and plays, which featured a barber named Figaro as the main character.

Normally these types of chains are made using thick wire which makes very sturdy, so it is worn by both men and women, making it an ideal gender-neutral chain. One cannot remove a broken link without replacing it, as it will mess the pattern up.

Best for: Mens with a fit body or heavier body looks amazing with this Figaro chain.


Singapore Chain

Singapore chain is also called a ‘twist curb’ chain. Because it is made of twisted and braided threads. It is known for its strength, integrity, classic pattern and simplicity, popular choice for those looking for a pendant chain.

The Singapore chain is made up of a series of interlinked patterns that blends the look of a curb chain with that of a rope chain. When stretched out, it is a beautiful and twisting open with almost a liquid touch.

Best for: Flat and curvaceous links of a Singapore are often stated as having the look and feel of liquid and classic that pairs well with a beautiful pendant and can be worn daily.


Snake Chain

Sleek and elegant Chain types in appearance comprised of tightly linked wavy plates, resulting in a smooth, round look with a zigzag pattern.

Normally it looks like the body of a snake and moves with similar flexibility. The snake chain is made up of a series of connected small rings, in plates or band. Snake chains aren’t very textural in shape. Most preferred chain designs by men.

Because of their semi-rigid structure can be used as an everyday accessory and also easy to clean and maintain.

Types of Snake chain: Herringbone Chain, Omega Chain, crisscross chain and popcorn chain.

Best for: a great choice for a pendant, they look stunning when paired with small or big size pendants.


Spiga Chain / Wheat Chain

Spiga (meaning wheat), due to the shape of the chain looks like wheat it is called as wheat chains. This type of chain models Generally, it is made up of twisted oval links that are arranged together in one direction normally created with four strands of twisted oval links, to create a delicate and symmetrical chain.

A Spiga chain looks like a series of metallic fibers creating a beautiful textural appearance that is quite eye-catching!

Best for: This chain is very durable and sturdy, and can be worn with pendants or as is. This strong chain has a classic and timeless look.


Things to consider when choosing a chain

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the type of chain that will best suit you to look awesome:

1) Look for the Finish: If you’re going to buy jewellery online, then you don’t buy simply, do some research. Based on your interest fine finished jewellery or matte finished or oxidized that suits your fashion? Then look for suitable charms or pendants before assembling it with your chain to create the perfect necklace or bracelet. Loose chains can be cut to whatever length you require, making it perfect for those unique jewellery designs, bracelets or repair jobs. Just add your selected chain end and clasp to create your own beautiful finished chain.

2) Type of Metal: Metal is the first primary step before selecting chain designs, types and finish. If you like silver jewellery with gold color go for the gold plated silver jewellery or select gold jewellery you have multiple choices to choose from such as silver, yellow gold, white gold, and red gold as part of a loose chain and finished chain selection.

3) Size: How much of a statement do you want to make with your necklaces? If you’re making a delicate charm necklace, you want a fine chain that complements the charms. But if you’re creating a statement piece you will require a stronger, thicker chain to take the weight of your bold design.

4) Length: How would you like your necklaces to stay in your neck? Whether you’re making chokers, traditional princess style necklaces, or longer pieces that sit on the neck, making sure you choose the right length and that will make all the difference.



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