• Graversen Grantham posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    The best email list rental companies are like relationship marketers in that they help you create the right kind of marketing communications that convert prospects into paying customers. There are many ways to create a successful business email list. You could rent lists from established companies such as Phone Extender, Best Email Privacy or North Service Road map out your own lists with other companies that you have come in contact with. So how can you choose the best email list rental companies to help you? You have to be aware of how they operate.

    Some of the best rental companies offer to put your marketing campaigns on auto pilot so that you don’t have to manually manage it. The best email list marketing services will provide you with a script that you can run from your web page that will automatically place your opt-in forms on the appropriate places on your website. The script will only place your forms on pages that have web traffic, usually one hour after the last visitor finishes visiting your site. For example, if someone visits your website one hour after you publish an article on your blog, they would have made it through your entire blog article to come across your opt-in form and by then it would be too late to put the form on the landing page with traffic.

    In this example you want to place your marketing message on one hour after the last web traffic. Therefore, you want your best email list rental business to be from a list provider who places their marketing scripts on pages that get little or no web traffic on any given day. The second type of rental company that is smart to use is one that allows you to run your marketing scripts from your web page. You would place the script on your web page six hours after the last web traffic. If you were to hit these two categories, you would get the following lists:

    The first list is called “orphaned”. This means that the person has visited the site three times within the past three months. They have not rented the product or subscription from the company and are not likely to buy anything. This is a great market for you because these people are already very committed to your product and are unlikely to buy from anyone who visited them three times in a three month period. Your market does not need to be very wide but should be very tightly targeted and focused. Your next priority is to make sure that your rental scripts and mailing list companies visit site at least once each day and you must place a link to your landing page within the email.

    The second set of prospects are much more likely to buy anything from you. If you have a phone number, customer service visit site and a physical address, you can be certain that these prospects have already seen your products. These are the people who will be more interested in the cost savings and the quality of the customer service that you provide. In most cases they are also more serious about making a purchase. These prospects are going to spend three or four hours a day on average in your store and are therefore more willing to buy now than the previous two groups. These prospects are also more likely to search out your site within the first three pages of search results and if you have a good offer, they may be very motivated to enter your order by clicking your link.

    This group is slightly trickier than the previous one. If you do not have a phone number, they are more likely to just give up and move on without ever entering your website. If you do have a physical address and a phone number, they are more likely to return to your website within the first six hours and place a second order. In this group, the average order time is longer, but if you are able to convince them to stay longer by offering an incentive like a discount or free shipping, you will win over this group.

    The third and final group are people that are searching for something to do in the short term and not for a particular product or service. You can identify these people by their phone numbers and / or addresses. Their buying behavior indicates that they are not in the market for long-term products or services. For this last group, the average order time is much shorter than for the other groups, but if you create an email marketing campaign with offers that appeal to them, you could win over this customer and increase your sales.

    Your best sales strategies are based on your understanding of the customer. This requires looking at the behaviors of different demographics and choosing the offerings that will appeal to your customer base. Choosing to run a rental business gives you the ability to run an email marketing campaign that targets these customers and you can make more money if you understand how to target these prospects. Using this approach, you can create long-term relationships with your customer base and enjoy residual income from these customers.